Vietnam business advisory for FDI companies and Foreign Investors/Contractors

Investment support, Project expansion support, Company establishment support, Authority procedures, Legal advisory, Accounting & Tax advisory, Human resource management support…

Business strategy making & Partner matching

Joint Venture, Project Counterparts, Supplier, Buyer…

Business development advisory "into Vietnam" or "into Japan"

Sector Research, Searching and Setting Potential Partners, All-inclusive Due-Diligence, Project Management, Financing to project (includes ODA scheme), Managing MOU process, JV contract or BCC process, Franchise Contract and License Agreement, M&A Contract (Transfer anything agreement), Support of Investment Registration Certificate, Enterprise Registration Certificate and Rep Office or Branch of foreign company, Audit and managing BOD meeting of JV or BCC company, Licenses and works related to Copyright, Licenses and works related to Importing and Exporting, Policies Writing on Website, Workshop for clients and Seminar for Investment to Vietnam


Up to present, EOE has experiened in building the trused liaisons with authorities of Vietnam and Japan.


– Industrial:
Metal Recycling, Nonmetal Recycling, Textile Manufacturing, Spinning Manufacturing, Cardboard Manufacturing, Plastic Recycling, FRP Manufacturing, Polyester Recycling, Waste Disposal, Water Treatment, Industrial Waste Water, Wig Manufacturing, Medical and Assistive Device Manufacturing, Software Development, Semiconductor Manufacturing, Precision Equipment Manufacturing, Laundry Manufacturing and Service, Pharmaceuticals Manufacturing, Veterinary Medicines Manufacturing and Distribution, Real Estate Development, Urban railway, Warehouse and Bonded Warehouse, Logistics and Transportation, Oil Retail;


– Consumer goods and services:
Distribution Industry, Franchise Business, Food Processing, Food and Beverage Service, Functional Food Distribution, Cosmetics Manufacturing, Miscellaneous Goods Distribution, Amusement Center, Casino, Karaoke, Language School, Bridal Service, Health Care Service, Education Service, Medical Service, Chemical Products Distribution, Job Training Service, Liquor Manufacturing and Distribution, Musical Instrument Distribution, OTA (online travel agency), Travel Agency, Hotel Development, Car Care and Maintenance Shop, MLM (Multi Level Marketing);


– Consultant services:
Advertisement Industry, Real Estate Service, Industrial Park Investment, Accounting Firm, Law Firm, Audit Firm, Environmental Protection;


– Investment project advisory, Mergers & Acquisition Transaction

*We would like to establish/invest the accounting/audit firm and law firm as our group in the near future.