We have a lot of “MEGA” clients in Japan and Vietnam (FDI from Japan) through our Business Development Advisory service, including the potential investors in Japan not having actual projects in Vietnam.

– Buy-side advisory ~ promoting inbound M&A to Vietnam (Equity & Real Estate)
– Sell-side advisory / M&A brokerage
– Managing M&A process
– Advisory for actual projects after transactions (PMI advisory)
– Outbound investment to Japan (includes company establishment in Japan)
Inclusive support all M&A process from Looking for Buy-side pipelines of Japanese investors, Matching, Making Deal to Post M&A.
  1. Long List (Sector Segment, Survey players on the target sector) and Short List.
  2. Matching, Pre-Valuation, Preparing the legal documents as MOU or LOI.
  3. Planning Due-Diligence, Execution (making DD team) and Management of DD. E.g. Financial, Legal, HR, Real Estate, IT and Business DD. *Japanese Investors prefer Sell-side self DD.
  4. Valuation, Proposal of M&A scheme, Return&Risk analysis
  5. Preparig the legal documents for Final agreement and Closing. Execution of the procedure to Authorities.
We are welcome to Sell-side enterprises directly approach us for seeking the strategic or financial foreign partners/investors.